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a note from Bionik: I got an EP coming soon with a producer/M.C. named Xperiment. Still untitled. I also have a joint on a new comp album by DJ Illnaughty.

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Nathan "Bionik Brown" Woods

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On a hot and humid night in Uptown New Orleans, James and Carolyn Woods decided not to use birth control. As a result of this misstep, they conceived GOD's gift to hip hop...Bionik Brown. They always knew he was a special boy. During his first physical, the doctors discovered that a portion of his skeleton was made of a titanium and that there were 3 microchips lodged at the base of his brain. These unique physical characteristics would however make him one of the greatest rappers of all time. Thanks to his superior make-up, he graduated high school at 16 and college at 20 with Honors. He went on to pursue higher learning in the School of Hard Knocks eventually rocking shows with KRS, De La, Talib Kweli, The Roots, The Clipse and countless others. BIONIK has also ghostwritten for several notable artists who shall remain nameless (due to contractual confidentiality clauses). Now he is standing on his own two feet, touring the Country and the world with his high-pitched brand of New Orleans Hip Hop. The story of this lyrical giant is still being written but without major label push he's already a legend in the underground rap arena. Bionik Brown is the future in the present tense...GOD Given talent, Giving the game balance!!!
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Platinum Thoughts, Aluminum Budget

Platinum Thoughts, Aluminum Budget

Platinum Thoughts, Aluminum Budget

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