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Like Frank Sinatra had a different approach to Pop, Goodword has a different approach to Hip-Hop. Throw out your preconceived notions of what standard Hip-Hop sounds like. He has an unmistakable voice and a remarkable ability to write lyrics with candor and honesty describing situations in his everyday life. Originally from San Francisco, Goodword has exploded onto the underground hip-hop scene over the last two years. His debut album, “…i got a little story…” received high praise from college and independent radio stations across the world, as well as great reviews in heavily circulated magazines, including four stars by URB magazine. Known for his unique, smooth vocal style and his brilliant attention to detail, Goodword has rapidly gained recognition from fans across the country. Fans appreciate his raw hip-hop talent, mixed with his ability to write songs you can’t get out of your head. His songs are a collection of stories, off-the-wall comments and meaningful lyrical content - a style that has been abandoned over the last decade of mainstream Hip-Hop. After his Summer 06 U.S. tour, Goodword’s momentum is building. “I didn’t realize how many loyal fans I had until I hit the road, the response was incredible,” Goodword say’s of his last tour. Because of the great success of his first U.S. tour, Goodword looks to hit the road in the fall of 06 for a series of mini tours. He is also working on a follow up album to “…i got a little story…” which is expected to be released in early 2007. More info on shows and merchandise can be found at
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