I started making music in the late 90's...I started casually writing rhymes, poems, or just thoughts. At the time, making music was not my intention. I was just a kid that grew up listening to hiphop and was inevidably influenced by it. My brother bought a pair of Technics and my friend JoJo and I would rhyme over other people's instrumentals. This later progressed when my brother bought a Boss Dr-660. We began to make our first recordings using the "old tape deck to tape recorder method" to overdub the vocals. As they grew away from it, I continued till where I am at today. I make some of my own beats, rhyme a little, and network with a few people from back home that share my passion for music. I never considerd myself an emcee, hence the name aHead...I am a fan of this culture...I am a hiphop head...Nothing more than a kid that contributes to a culture he adores. My music is my music, these are my thoughts and my creations.