Name: Mic Dagger
 Residence: San Antonio,Tx
 Occupation: Emcee, Graffiti writer, Producer , Record Collector,Promoter









mic.DAGGER ~ Bio

Born and bred in Los Angeles, CA, DAGGER now resides and creates in the heart of the south, San Antonio, TX, to be exact. Making beats and collecting records has always the drive behind his passion for hip hop, so it’s fitting that he’s been pounding away at the production side of the game since the early 90’s. After venturing away from LA and being on his own for the first time in his life, DAGGER picked up the pen and started scribing out words to accompany his production. In 1997 DAGGER released his first album entitled “Cloaked and Dagger”, which help to capture the attention of a supportive following.

Still building and moving, DAGGER linked up with some local San Antonio natives and formed the hiphop crew Konstant Output. As the sole producer and 1/3 of the vocal portion of K.O., Dagger helped the group break new ground in SA by winning the 2002 public vote-based award for the Best HipHop act, awarded by the San Antonio Current weekly entertainment publication. K.O. went on to release 3 Eps, 2 full-length albums and 3 limited run ‘event specific’ projects. In 2003 DAGGER decided to focus on his solo work and released his 2nd solo album in conjunction with his partner DJ Scuba Gooding Sr. (who won 2003 Best DJ award, from the San Antonio Current). The successful double cd project was entitled “ One Mans Trash…Next Mans Treasure.”

In the tune of staying focused, DAGGER spent most of 2003writing, producing and recording his 3rd full length album entitled “Cinder Blocks, Wood Planks, Dusty Wax Plates, a Few Pieces of Hardware and Some Stolen Milk Crates,” which is available on full length cd and 12” vinyl EP as of May 2004.

Fresh off a spring 2004 tour in Sweden, DAGGER remains focused and continues to consistently rock live shows in support of the new cd and supporting 12” EP. As one of San Antonio’s premiere HipHop acts, DAGGER has been opening shows for such notable hip-hop artists as Atmosphere, Lyrics Born, Jedi Mind Tricks, Typical Cats, Offwhyte, MC Paul Barmen, Triple Threat DJ’s, Blueprint, Illogic, DJ PRZM, One Man Army, Bavu Blakes, Outerspace, DJ T-Rock, DJ Quest, DJ Pone, Cheap Cologne, Joyo Velarde, Zion I, Lifesavas, Diverse, Oddjobs, Brother Ali, the Micranots, Mr. Dibbs, DJ Jester, DJ Bird, the Narcissists, VG Skillz., Eyedea and Abilities, Los Nativos and Grayskull, just to name a few. DAGGER (co-founder of the Prhymemates Collective) in conjunction with the PRHYMEMATES organized, coordinated and preformed at San Antonio’s 3rd annual international aerosol art festival known as “Clogged Caps”. The festival consisted of live productions from over 75 of the world’s top graffiti artists, breakdance battles between crews from across the US and live performances from various local and national acts.

DAGGER and DJ Scuba Gooding Sr. will be performing in and around Texas in support of the new release. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the 'VERSES' EP Check the eStore for music by mic Dagger.

“Give into temptation/ give in to the music made in the basement,” says DAGGER on the track titled “Give”. If this release is indicative of what the future has in store for the PRHYMEMATES, then San Antonio hip-hop fans need to be prepared for the greater temptations to come”
- Jason Gossard, San Antonio Current

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