Name:  Andrés Proaño Paz Sóldan,
Aka Andino Aka Andineaux

 Residence: Lafayette,La

Birthdate: November 2,1981

Occupation:  "beat technician" & Djay







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currently dwells in Lafayette, Louisiana- you might even see him jogging down the road- this man is truly an inspiration to us all. He eats healthily, excercizes regularly, has deeply rooted morals, and is extremely talented... Born on the Day of the Dead, the second day of November in the year 1981, Houston TX. He spent some time in the United Kingdom before moving to Ecuador where he spent his formative years. It was there that he established a deep and lasting connection to his cultural heritage. This rich cultural heritage infuses everything from his physical appearance to his style of production. His stage name ,"Andino", Native of the Andes, is also a further testament to his cultural identification. This man brings a spicy latin flavor that will leave your ears tingling for more. Interview with Andino:

-What was your first real taste of hip hop culture?

My first taste of hip hop culture was back in the early 90's........... Growing up in Ecuador made it less accesable to a lot of groups and material but the few groups that I could see were via Cable TV (back in those days cable tv basically consisted of straight up American Channels as uposed to formatted channels for the latin american market that exist today so we would catch channels like The Box and Much Music from Canada). I remember that in 5th grade I went to my friends house after school and he showed me this sir mixalots "Mack Daddy" tape which included the famous "Baby Got Back" I listened to that and the rest of the tape and i was like damn this stuff is cool. I also remember watching the Box which was a music video channel and all day they played videos that people called in to request and I remember that at that time (92-93) Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, 2pac and mostly west coast was in heavy rotation on that channel. At this time rap was slowly entering in Ecuador so since it was the "new thing" I started dressing the dress walking the walk etc etc............ I remember I had those lil designs and lines shaved into my head and wearing airforce ones with the overalls with one strap hanging to the side haha good times. My first attempt to mc was on July of 93 I was with a friend and we started making these raps about our girlfriends at the time i dont even remember how the lyrics went but it was funny cuz I had a verse and my friend had a verse and we wanted to perform it for our friends or soemthing but it never happened......... also between this time I also attempted my first scratches on my pops lps and belt-driven turntable............ ruined a couple of lps and got grounded but I guess it gave me the start in what now has become a big part of my life. *

How has this influenced your life?

As far as influencing my life.......... this really did not happen until I was about 17-18.................. which was when I got into production and really started discovering real hip hop and all this was done mainly through my curiosity.......... I was tired of hearing all this downsouth thug shit that the kids in Louisiana were jamming I wanted something with content and in my native language at that. I met this dude named jeek from San Fransisco over the internet about 6 years ago and I pretty much owe him a lot for introducing me to a lot of sick spanish hip hop which really was a stepping stone to digging deeper into american hip hop as well. If I wouldnt have heard all this perhaps I would have not been inspired to make hip hop production a big part of my life which after 6 years is slowly paying off I am proud to say that I finally have 2 tracks produced by me pressed on Vinyl by a label in Spain. This perhaps the equivalent of winning an oscar or a grammy to someone involved in Hip Hop Production. *
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