Name:  Andrés Proaño Paz Sóldan,
Aka Andino Aka Andineaux

 Residence: Lafayette,La

Birthdate: November 2,1981

Occupation:  "beat technician" & Djay








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-How do you feel moving to the United States has influenced your carreer in Hip Hop?

Well, basically, it pretty much really molded my musical tastes that slowly evolved to what they are now. I always loved music and I guess it was in my destiny 'cause when I was 3 years old I used to dance and was obsessed with Michael Jackson (please mind this was in the 80's when he was cool) and I loved to dance like him and practiced all the moves and stuff like that and then later on I was always making "beats" beatboxing in the early days (I have video footage and audio footage so this is no lie) and also tapping my fingers and hands always coming up with patterns and what not. I can also remember growing up in Ecuador in the early 90's when "Rap" started to become the fad I wrote my first "rap" lyrics and I was also experimenting with scratching on my pops old ass turntable and I remember clearly that I messed up a couple of his LP's he was pretty mad, but again.......... those were the beginnings of the legend of "Andino" LOL............. and what really got me into beatmaking and hip hop in general was moving to Lafayette,Louisiana. I was living in Dallas and I ended up moving here with my family, so coming from Dallas where I had a lot of latin friends and it was just a bigger city with more things to do to coming to Lafayette,LA............ it was a big culture shock and it took me a while to really get accustomed to everything in the town and in the transition of not having friends here I was on the internet all the time talking with my friends and what not in this period I was downloading a lot of music meeting new people really investigating more about the music I was finding and stuff like that and in the course of all this I met this dude in a chat room who lived in San Fransisco by the name of Jeek One............... I can give him credit for really introducing me to a lot of fresh Hip Hop that I did not even know that exsisted all in my Native Tongue. He started by sending me about 30 cd copies of a shit load of albums from a bunch of groups from Spain and Latin America that I was really digging, and from this point on I wanted to do more than listen................. I wanted to create what I heard and alas, on July of 2000, I attempted to make my first Beat on the Fruity Loops (The Program I now Swear By). Listenting to it now it is really crappy but back then I was just like dammmmmn this is the shit this is so fun I want to keep on doin this and 6 years later im still doing it. *

-Having lived and travelled internationally, how would you compare the music scene in the US to other places you have been?

The Music Scene and Industry as a whole in the U.S is Huge. I mean recording artists here have a chance to make tons of money regardless of talent....... especially in these days if you're going with the trends you can make millions which is very sad especially from a TrueSchool Hip Hop prespective. 80% of Commercial Rap truly goes totally against the norms of true hip hop and what a real mc is. Today someone with no skills rhyming about a girl shaking their rearend and all the money thats invested in his mouth is considered the "JAM" which is sad.
In Latin America for the most part u can be a pop superstar but still u wont be able to make it big regardless. In Latin America popular music as in the states is usually in that "fad" mode where a song becomes popular and no matter what genre it is be it pop,rock, rap, tehcno whatever........... If its on the radio then its "cool" and everybody including their grandparents will jam to it. It is interesting because although a lot of American and music in english falls in this category their is also a lot of latin music that falls in the category as well. unfortunately for the most part artists get hypnotized to the "capitalistic" ways and sell themselves to make it big and make some money "selling out" changing all their style just for $$'s Sake and this is not only in one region this is a worldwide issue .
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