Name:  Andrés Proaño Paz Sóldan,
Aka Andino Aka Andineaux

 Residence: Lafayette,La

Birthdate: November 2,1981

Occupation:  "beat technician" & Djay







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now as far as a tru-school Hip Hop Scene I can say that Latin America is very well represented starting Chile which is without a doubt the country with the best hip hop Scene. Tons of groups have emerged from this starting with my fav people Makiza,Savia Nueva,Tiro de Gracia,Demosapians, FDA, and the famous Funk Group "LOS TETAS". As Anita the female Mc from the group Makiza explained to me........ the reason for such musical culture in Chile was the fact that due to the political tourmoile with Allende and Pinochet a lot of chileans fleed the country mainly to Europe and Canada and with that they were exposed to all these musical genres in Europe like soul,Jazz,Funk,Reggae and then when the political situation returned to normal a lot of them returned and with these new found musical knowledge the music scene blosomed and really brought some great groups in all the genres mentioned. Argentina also has a great Rock Scene (Soda Stereo,Babasonicos,Charlie Garcia,Seu Geneisis, Dividios,Spinetta,Cerati, ETC ETC) but the Hip Hop scene has also been florishing. Mustafa Yoda at this moment is without a doubt the most popular mc in Argentina and I had the privilege of producing his first album which gratefully had great acceptance and even made it to the top 20 albums of 2004 according to Rolling Stone Argentina.
regardless of this recognition I have not made any money off this album whatsoever yet and Mustafa isnt living like a baller either.......................
So in context as you can see the U.S from Latin America is far different *

-How do you feel about the current state of hip hop and the coporate commercialisation of a genre once fueled by pioneering creativity?

It is very sad to see these talentless clowns with all this jewelery, with no talent, terrible flow + horrible lyrics get all the recognition, money and the spotlight to shine for less then a month because these guys are the "thing" for about 2 weeks and then you have the next "MC-AMATEUR" come out with another blazing single "pop, shake, percolate" and thats all the music industry is now........... what's in for that one month or even less and after that they move on to the next thing and they just follow these trends that everytime get worse....... Fortunately there is a true hip hop scene out there, and there are still good opportunities for myself and all of my comrades doing this music thing. *

-Earlier in this interview you mentioned the norms of true hip hop and the concept of a real emcee.. could you illustrate for the readership what in your opinion these norms are?

Ok, basically a real mc to me is an mc that's speaking the truth.... he's talking the talk and walking the walk. As far as a true school perspective this could be quite complex because there are a lot of different things an mc can rap about but it all boils down to truth, credibility, and ability.................and something that a good mc must possess is freestyle technique...... like Mustafa says "Hacer Free es Ley" in other words it is the law to freestyle.. You have to do it. *
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