Name: Bukue One
 Residence: Berkeley, CALIFORNIA
 Occupation: Emcee, Graffiti writer, Skater







Bukue One
has three obvious passions: Emceeing, skateboarding, and graffiti writing. The three combine together to make up the Oakland emcee's persona: "You could be tight but I'm tighter, best believe me/I'll paint the whole city a done deal in graffiti/You don't really want to raise the stakes/let's put 20 bills on a game of skate." His latest album is titled Triathalon ,referring to the three parts that make him a whole.

Infused throughout the slow-paced rhymes and beat loops (provided by a host of different DJs, including DJ Sing) Bukue One throws in soliloquies on his history like he was a skater before anything else, since 1987. His music is actually funny if you think of it in contrast to gangsta rap--or rather the other way around. Instead of bragging about his wad of cash, chicks, guns, or murders, Bukue One raps about his lyrical skills, names his skateboarding tricks, and hypes his talents as a graf writer. And his bragging is warranted. On his website, , you can see 26 samples of his Bukue One grafitti tags, and shots of his skate tricks--showing that Bukue One doesn't just talk a big game, nor does he seek to stamp out his competition: "Blessin' each element with my heart and soul/My goal's to hoist the flag and still remain humble."

Bukue One raps socially conscious lyrics, and preaches a positive and interactive message to his listeners. "When I roll through your city I try to rock all three/ Peep me at the skatepark sparking interest having them spectators amazed, 'Wasn't he that guy on stage?'/Sho Ya Right! It was I, but now I'm down to build/We're blue-collar work ethic with executive skill."

Bukue's music includes scratching and samples, and the accompanying emceeing of artists such as EMC (present on this tour) and his cited favorite artist, Abstract Rude.With Bukue One's obvious musical integrity and drive to succeed, his show will undoubtedly be skilled and high energy--whether it's his ride over at the Burnside skatepark, tagging, or dropping rhymes.

There are only a handful of emcees who truly deliver conscious lyrics with a fun and uplifting flavor. Bukue One is armed with messages that transport us to a world of entertainment, positivity and spirituality. When he's not stage rockin' the mic, he can probably be found skateboarding or graffiti writing, his two other passions. His drive to represent all three skills worldwide has led to the title of his latest project, Triathalon. A Bukue's tours have taken him across the globe, he has shared the stage and recorded with emcees from Africa, Australia and Europe. Plus, through his avid skateboarding and graff writing, he meets and chills with folks beyond the typical music scene locales. Bukue is an artist who genuinely enjoys connecting with locals and fans. From hip hop heads to skeptics, audiences are won over by Bukue's positive vibe. His live shows hit the spot with a blend of raw energy, cleverness and light-hearted play. Just when you are looking for a unique chance to have good clean fun with a talented artist and then some, Bukue One is ripe for the picking.



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