Jimi Clever Jimi Clever
New Orleans ,La

The Man, The MC,
The Warrior Poet

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The Biography of: Jimi Clever
The Man, The MC, The Warrior Poet
Welcome to New Orleans, the party capitol of the world.
Home of Mardi Gras, Voodoo, and various forms of art..
 Also known for being one of the most colorful and creative cities in the world, the N.O is also home to many musical icons ranging from Hip Hop to Jazz and everything in between. Many describe this city as a melting pot, a mixture of race, styles and music all combined into one undeniably creative substance  contained in a small vessel. Such descriptions can be used to describe one certain young man. He is the newest and fastest rising star from the N.O. he is the truth’ he is the future, he is  JIMI CLEVER. Born and raised up-town in the 13th ward of the N.O, JIMI CLEVER has always been a step ahead of the average. The level of professionalism that he presents through his cutting edge rhymes and crystal clear vocals pushes him so far ahead of the competition, he leaves his audience watering at the mouth for more. His heavenly flow, combined with wittiness and clever wordplay can be compared to the likes of EMINEM, with a touch of LL COOL J, and TALIB KWELI. Combine that with a mixture of vocal and harmonizing abilities and u have a natural born star. Standing at only 5ft 4 with a slim frame, it is quite an experience to witness so much power and creative energy come from such a small individual. After years of experience, JIMI CLEVER has become well seasoned  and has all the makings of a star, and has proven so by dazzling crowds up to 1200 plus at various clubs and  events in New Orleans such as the world famous HOUSE OF BLUES , 6 FLAGS, even at the center stage for  BAYOU CLASSIC. He has won a staggering amount of contests and battles, including the AND ONE MIXTAPE TOUR 2004, which earned him a chance to compete in the finals at the SOURCE UNSIGNED HYPE in Miami Florida later that year. From radio intros, to on-air freestyles,  to live performances’ JIMI CLEVER has become one of the most strongly respected and sought after unsigned artists from New Orleans. “He is so different!” says WILD WAYNE, an on-air personality from Q93.3. “He is going to change the perception of  what an artist from New Orleans should sound like!” With two incredible mix tapes in heavy circulation  on the streets of the N.O, JIMI CLEVER’S ability to influence everyone around him has become even greater than himself and is poised to change the face of New Orleans hip hop forever.  Journey with him as he takes you on a voyage through the colorful, creative and emotional landscape that is his life. He is the future, he is the truth, he is the peoples champion, he is JIMI CLEVER. Welcome….To the JIMI CLEVER EXPERIENCE!!!

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